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Throughout our training and professional experience as piano technicians, we have always sought to combine age old craftsmanship with modern technology. That's our approach to a profound and exact understanding of the physical phenomena taking place inside the piano, from touching the key to sounding the note.
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Pianos.pt is the result of the vision, knowledge and dedication of two Piano Technicians, Pedro Coelho and Hugo Freitas, both certified professionals in Pianos and Sound.
Piano technician

Piano technician

Each piano is conceived striking a balance between all its components. Changes to any of its parts can compromise the harmony of the whole.
Piano technician

Piano technician

We bring out the value of your piano, providing the finest quality services in the exact extent of what your instrument needs.

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Catarina Gorjão +351 913 90 80 90

Technical Support

Hugo Freitas +351 969 78 44 92

Pedro Coelho +351 965 13 42 10


e-mail pianos.pt@gmail.com

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